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Oxford Instruments Healthcare is an engineering based medical imaging services company that rents, leases, and services the following imaging equipment modalities: MRI, Mobile MRI, CT, Mobile CT, PET/CT, Mobile PET/CT, and Nuclear Medicine.

Today our company is leading the mobile medical imaging industry by consistently pushing innovation and delivering mobile units that our competitors said were impossible to develop.

If your facility requires a mobile unit immediately, our hard working team will ensure that happens! In the event there is imaging equipment we don’t have available, our company can leverage our vast network of partners to find a compatible unit available for your project. If there is an imaging unit that no one offers in a mobile trailer, our unique team enables us to build one to your specifications!

#1 Mobile Provider in North America

We firmly believe there is no project too difficult for our team to tackle and that is why we are a national and world leader in the mobile diagnostic imaging industry.

We are the preferred mobile medical imaging services provider in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We offer the best turn-key service along with 24-hour service support and as a result our customers return for more business.

Oxford Instruments Healthcare is dedicated to providing your facility the highest level of service by providing the right mobile unit, at the right time, ready for business, at a price that will fit your budget.

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