Mobile Medical Imaging Lab Rentals

Oxford Instruments Healthcare is the preferred diagnostic mobile medical imaging lab rentals provider in North America that offers the widest variety of mobile systems including:

Why Mobile Medical Imaging Lab Rentals?All rentals are available for short, interim, or long-term leases throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Excessive Patient Backlogs

img-reason-patient-backlog, mobile imaging rentalsProperly managing patient backlogs will result in greater patient revenues, peace of mind for your patients, and ultimately a better image for your facility.

Insufficient Capital

img-reason-insufficient-capital, mobile imaging rentalsShort and long term mobile imaging rentals provide a more affordable and less risky means of providing services for patients.

Downtime During Equipment Replacement, Upgrade, or New Installation

img-downtime-replacement-upgrade-install, mobile imaging rentalsFirst-time installs, equipment upgrades, or replacements inevitably cause downtime, which leads to increased patient backlogs, loss of revenue, patient transfers, and other negative side effects. During transitions short-term mobile imaging rentals are the perfect solution.

Downtime During Renovations or Construction

img-downtime-renovation-contruction, mobile imaging rentalsRenovation and construction projects can limit or completely halt capacity for hospitals and medical centers to meet patient demand. This downtime can be avoided by scheduling an affordable short or long-term mobile imaging rental.

Emergency Disaster Relief

img-reason-disaster-relief, mobile imaging, mobile imaging rentalsDisaster can strike at any moment. Whether it is a natural or an accidental disaster immediate and long-term relief is available with a mobile imaging lab. Call us now to set up an immediate disaster relief mobile imaging solution.

Service or Practice Expansion

img-reason-expand-service, mobile imaging rentalsThe population is growing and consequently so is patient demand. One solution is acquiring an additional imaging unit, but purchasing a fixed/permanent unit is expensive.

Mobile medical imaging lab rentals offer an affordable solution to meet increased patient demand while still offering the option to discontinue the lease if patient demand unforeseeably falls.

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