Mobile CT Services

Oxford Instruments Healthcare offers a high-quality mobile CT (Computed Tomography) scanner fleet that will meet your facility’s interim or long term demands.

Mobile CT scanners are ideal for facilities that:

  • Cannot afford a large capital expenditure
  • Decreasing patient scan backlog
  • Covering downtime during replacement
  • Room renovation and construction
  • Any situation your facility has a need to rent CAT scanner on an interim basis

#1 Mobile CT Scanner Provider

Oxford Instruments Healthcare delivers mobile CT rental scanners in North America: United States, Canada, Mexico, and services Central and South America.

We strive to ensure a seamless transition from your old to new CAT scan equipment in the following ways:

  • Providing a system your staff is already familiar with
  • Should you choose to rent or lease an unfamiliar unit, we will administer staff applications training

We specialize in full customization of our CT scanner rentals. If there is an imaging requirement currently unavailable in a mobile trailer, our experienced engineering team will build a unit to your specifications.

About the Trailer

img-mobile-imaging-trailer, mobile ct rental, mobile ct scannerThe interior of our mobile CT trailers are built with bright attractive decor with medical grade components utilized to ensure the well-being of patients and technologists.

On the exterior, many of our mobile units do not have emblems or logos to facilitate with blending in at your facility.

To guarantee safety and access for patients, hydraulic lifts are a standard feature on our mobile CT leases.

24/7 support with our knowledgeable Engineering team facilitates fast issue diagnosis and restoration. We service our scanner fleet by utilizing licensed HVAC contractors.

Available for rentals or leases, for short, interim, or long term usage, our mobile CT lease packages are custom designed to meet your facilities’ unique needs.

Rent CAT scanner equipment, call our experienced team toll-free today for mobile availability and cost. 888.323.1316


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