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img-nuclear-medicine-lab-110x110-no-borderOxford Instruments Healthcare leases a large selection of Mobile Nuclear Medicine (NM) Equipment Labs. We offer mid to high end SPECT imaging systems in a mobile environment at a price that will fit your budget. All nuclear imaging systems are outfitted with the capabilities of an in-house lab and are guaranteed to satisfy or exceed OEM specifications.

Housed in dedicated mobile medical trailers, the interior ensures maximum connection versatility with the rest of your facility with the accessibility of a phone line, data ports, digital interfacing, and DICOM III connectivity.

img-mobile-imaging-trailerThe outside of the Mobile Nuclear Trailer is built to help blend in with external surroundings with many of our mobiles not featuring logos or emblems. Every unit contains hydraulic patient lifts to ensure safety and convenience for staff and patients alike. Lastly, our nuclear imaging system suites use a standard Russel-Stoll power connector to comply with the power outlets already supplied by your facility.

In the event there is a system we don’t have in our inventory, our resourceful leasing team will leverage our vast network of partners to find a suitable unit for your project. If there are nuclear imaging systems that no one offers in a mobile trailer, our unique team enables us to build one to your specifications!

Mobile Nuclear Medicine Equipment Labs are available for interim and long-term rentals throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Call us toll-free for imaging system inventory and pricing. 888.323.1316

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